When the weather warms up, it’s time to let your feet breathe with a pair of women’s sandals. Wedge sandals are super comfy, giving you that extra bit of height while giving you more stabilization plus supporting weight better than any other types of heels.

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Boots may be made for walking, but in these wedges you can strut your stuff

There’s no better way to show off your latest cute pedicure than with a pair of women’s sandals, but wedges make it even better ‘cause they put you at just the right angle to show off those pretty toes.

There’s no end to the social occasions during the warm summer months. From simple strolls to hikes through national parks, from picnics at the zoo to playing at the beach, graduation parties or family reunions- our women’s wedges keep you comfortable while trendy through them all ‘cause our wedges are crafted meticulously, keeping the wearer’s comfort in mind.

With Southern Fried Chics’ women’s wedges, we have everything to suit your style. Our attractive collection comes in all the stunning designs and colors that are trending this season. From straps to studs, you’ll find all the bells and whistles you’re looking for, too.

Nothing changes your look faster than a pair of pretty heels, but there’s no need to worry about teetering and tottering. While we're always ready to help you find something to fall head over heels for, with our wedges you don’t have to worry about the falling part. 

When you’re designing your outfit for that upcoming party and choosing between heels or flats, know that Southern Fried Chics’ women’s wedges are the perfect 3rd alternative for your feet staying safely grounded while keeping your head in the clouds.

And when you’re crafting that head-turning outfit for that evening out with your significant other, and you’re planning your shoes so that you’ll be just the right height for that seeing-stars goodnight kiss (& you know you’re going to need some extra support that heels just won’t give), make sure you’re equipped with your trendy SFC wedges ;-)

In addition to women’s wedges, we carry all sorts of other summer fashion accessories and apparel. Explore your fashion sense with ease by checking out some of our favorite women’s clothing mash-ups in our SFC women’s tees, women’s tops, and women’s dresses collections.


How to Measure Your Feet for the Perfect Fit

Follow these simple steps to make sure you get the right size and fit in our Southern Fried Chics’ footwear.

  1. Gather Your Materials. You’ll need a pen, a piece of paper, a ruler, and your own foot.
  2. Trace Your Foot. Simply step on the paper. Trace the outside of your foot. (Don’t get ink on your foot!)
  3. Measure the Length of Your Foot. Using the paper outline of your foot and your ruler, measure the length of your paper foot from your longest toe to your heel.
  4. Measure the Width of Your Foot. Using the paper outline of your foot and your ruler, measure the width of your foot by finding and measuring the widest part of the paper foot outline.
  5. Find Your Perfect Footwear. Bask in the ahhh-level comfort of your new favorite pair of Southern Fried Chics’ footwear :-)


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