Fashion with immense flair, it’s hard to find something more trendy with more taste that still lets you find that 1 piece that’s going to perfectly match the statement you’re making. Southern Fried Chics’ women’s boots are the surprising mesh of incredibly comfortable meets head-turning fashion-finds.

If your order has an in-stock item & preorder item, it will ship at the same time as one. If you want the in-stock item to ship, you will need to place a separate order. 

“Oh no, Honey, I don’t need more boots,” said no woman EVER.

If you’re like most of us, you can’t get enough of women’s boots, and who could possibly blame you? With so many designs, the outfits you can craft are endless. 

Southern Fried Chics’ women’s boots are designed to match your style from head to toe. 

Talk about the possibilities! With all the colors from white through red and turquoise to the more traditional brown and black, materials from velvet to cowhide to leather, shapes, lengths, and even sizes, you have every boot option you could hope for. 

You’ll think Christmas has come early when you see all the different stitches, imprints, straps, and zippers. And when you’re catching your breath from that, get ready for the crystals, studs, fringes, metallic finishes, and glitter inlays!

We give you every type of boot you could possibly desire- from fun to functional, and always with the sassy touch to let the inner you shine. We have the dramatic women’s boot, the intricately ornate women’s boot, all the way to the truly elegant boot.

If I can’t wear my boots, I ain’t goin’.

We have you covered no matter what the occasion- whether you’re off to work in the morning, or just out running errands. Maybe it’s a girl’s night out or a special evening out with your significant other. From the dance floor to the rodeo, from family functions to the community’s park picnic, our boots make a statement everywhere you go. They’ll look perfect under a sequined party dress, or a lacy church midi skirt. They’ll even complete one of Southern Fried Chics’ amazingly gorgeous wedding day designs!

Put your Big Girl Boots on and Deal With It.

We have every size and length of boot you could possibly want. From sexy thigh highs to cute booties and everything in between, you’ll be filling your closet so you can develop the outfits you’ve been dreaming of crafting. 

Try out our over-the-knee boots or our peep-toe ankle boots to add an intriguing touch to your look. Our glamorous riding boots have been all the rage for years and there’s no sign that they’ll be falling out of fashion any time soon. And our simple tall black boots are sure to never go out of style. See? With a simple change of length, you’ll be changing those so-so outfits into imitation-worthy, headspinners. 

For some of our favorite outfit mash-ups, be sure to check out our SFC women’s tees, women’s tops, and women’s dresses collections.


How to Measure Your Feet for the Perfect Fit

Follow these simple steps to make sure you get the right size and fit in our Southern Fried Chics’ footwear.

  1. Gather Your Materials. You’ll need a pen, a piece of paper, a ruler, and your own foot.
  2. Trace Your Foot. Simply step on the paper while wearing a pair of socks (this is important if you’ll be wearing socks when wearing the footwear). Trace the outside of your foot. (Don’t get ink on your socks, especially if they’re white!)
  3. Measure the Length of Your Foot. Using the paper outline of your foot and your ruler, measure the length of your paper foot from your longest toe to your heel.
  4. Measure the Width of Your Foot. Using the paper outline of your foot and your ruler, measure the width of your foot by finding and measuring the widest part of the paper foot outline.
  5. Find Your Perfect Footwear. Bask in the ahhh-level comfort of your new favorite pair of Southern Fried Chics’ footwear :)


How to Measure Your Calves for the Perfect Boot Fit

Select styles of our designer boots come in Multi-size Calf options. To determine the best fit for you, follow these simple steps.

  1. Gather Your Materials. All you’ll need is a pen & a piece of paper to write down your results, a cloth measuring tape, and your bare calf.
  2. Take Your Measurement. Trying to not leave a gap, wrap the cloth measuring tape around the widest part of your calf. Write down the width in inches.
  3. Find your next pair of Southern Fried Chics boots and get ready to enjoy the compliments!


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