If you’re looking for the one pair of shoes that will go with all of your outfits, look no further than Southern Fried Chics’ women’s sneakers. From casual loafers to party-going glitter bombs, our women’s sneakers are the fit to go with every occasion!

If your order has an in-stock item & preorder item, it will ship at the same time as one. If you want the in-stock item to ship, you will need to place a separate order. 

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world- Marilyn Monroe

When you’re looking for something practical yet stylish, Southern Fried Chics’ women’s sneakers are the perfect trend shoe for whatever occasion you’re planning. More than just comfortable, our easy-wear sneakers pair well with dresses, pants, and skirts. 

Traditionally designed to go with more casual outfits like women’s tees and jeans, women’s sneakers should be a staple in every woman’s closet. But sometimes you want to be comfortable without sacrificing style in the process. Southern Fried Chics has your back- with our great selection of women’s sneakers you can make your fashion statement without losing any of our signature comfort. 

Dream chasers wear sneakers

Southern Fried Chics’ women’s sneakers look as great as they feel whether you’re headed to the next concert or meeting up with friends for dinner and a movie. 

Your footwear anchors your outfit, so ideally it should be both functional and fashionable- enter Southern Fried Chics’ sneakers. With their trendy sassiness, they’re the perfect compliment to your favorite weekend and after-work outfits because any time is a good time to make a fashion statement.

And with Southern Fried Chics’ boutique women’s sneakers you don’t have to follow any rules. If you love them, you can pair them with anything. Cool prints, notice-me colors, and shimmery materials make them work with everything!

In the mood to wear a skirt- mini, midi, or maxi, it doesn’t matter- but still want the comfort? Grab a pair of glitter bombs. A boutique sneaker/skirt combo is the perfect outfit for creating a chic yet comfy look that can easily transition from work to play to a fun night out.

Grab a pair that adds maximum comfort and support to your day, but so cute that all eyes will be glued to your feet. Or grab a few pairs- with that degree of trendy comfort, who could blame you?

Explore your fashion sense with ease by checking out some of our favorite women’s sneakers mash-ups in our SFC women’s tees, women’s tops, and women’s dresses collections.


How to Measure Your Feet for the Perfect Fit

Follow these simple steps to make sure you get the right size and fit in our Southern Fried Chics’ footwear.

  1. Gather Your Materials. You’ll need a pen, a piece of paper, a ruler, and your own foot.
  2. Trace Your Foot. Simply step on the paper while wearing a pair of socks (this is important if you’ll be wearing socks when wearing the footwear). Trace the outside of your foot. (Don’t get ink on your socks, especially if they’re white!)
  3. Measure the Length of Your Foot. Using the paper outline of your foot and your ruler, measure the length of your paper foot from your longest toe to your heel.
  4. Measure the Width of Your Foot. Using the paper outline of your foot and your ruler, measure the width of your foot by finding and measuring the widest part of the paper foot outline.
  5. Find Your Perfect Footwear. Bask in the ahhh-level comfort of your new favorite pair of Southern Fried Chics’ footwear :-)


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