When it comes to bracelets, the possibilities are endless & the only rule is to have fun! With SFC’s women’s bracelets, you have all the statement bracelets you could want to create a fashion trend that will make a lasting impression.

If your order has an in-stock item & preorder item, it will ship at the same time as one. If you want the in-stock item to ship, you will need to place a separate order. 

Bracelets fit every look and every occasion. From casual to night-on-the-town, from business professional to day-out-running-errands, SFC’s bracelets have you covered, and with our adjustable bracelets and stretch bracelets, you can be sure they’ll fit comfortably. 

Run circles around your fashion

Bracelets start with such a simple design- like so many other fashions, what creates the statement you’re looking for is all about what you do with it. Choosing from the types of bracelets available, the sizes, the materials, the colors, the shapes, even the decision of whether to stack- it all goes into creating your look. Balance out your accessories with what you’re wearing and let your personal style speak volumes.

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.

Bracelets are 1 of the most overlooked fashion accessories, but when done right, they have the ability to create 1 of the strongest impacts. With SFC’s bracelets, you can dominate the fashion trend you’re creating and make a lasting impression

Jewelry always fits

Mixing & matching bracelets into stackable styles is a popular trend that anyone can pull off and look great in. And it’s become 1 of the most popular trends today. 

When you’re designing your look, keep in mind how many bracelets you want to wear, what style you’re going for, and which bracelet looks will go best together while balancing the look on one or both arms.

And when you’re 1st starting out with stacking bracelets, go with just a couple, maybe on one arm first, that have something in common- like color or width. 

For a great fashion-forward look, start with a base of thin simple bangle bracelets and then add 1 or 2 complementary spotlight pieces like the fantastic, trendy bracelets Southern Fried Chics specializes in to draw the eye and top off your look.

Jewelry that reflects your style

Bracelets give you the freedom to embrace your personal sense of style. Playful, modern, sentimental, classic. Bracelets can represent who you are and what you love- you can find bracelets to represent how you feel, what you want, or something significant that happened. From charm bracelets to symbolize just about anything, to tennis line bracelets, from bangle bracelets, to adjustable bolo bracelets, with all the range of sizes and designs you find in cuff bracelets, there are so many choices you can make in bracelet fashions- the options are endless!

Wear your curiosity

One of the great things about bracelets is that you can admire it while you're wearing it- and when you’ve carefully selected your bracelet to match your inner style, this helps remind you of how important the real you is! 

Start by thinking hard about your style- bracelets are a great way to show off your personality, so think hard about the story you’re creating. What part of YOU do you want to share? What part of your story are you going to tell? 

Find what speaks to you and wear it proudly!

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

Every girl loves sparkle- it’s part of our personality to shine! There’s no reason to deny it, so don’t! And women’s bracelets are the perfect accessory to bring that little bit of extra sparkle to any outfit. Let your signature style extend into your jewelry by finding those pieces that truly speak to that inner you and draw her out to show her off to the world- we’re gonna love her!

Beauty is who you are… jewelry is the icing on the cake

You are beautiful- inside and out. But it’s fun to let some of that internal beauty out and show it off once in a while. Here’s 1 chance to show it off with flare- by choosing some SFC bracelets that match your own personal style and complement your fashionable trends, you can let that inner glow turn into a 1,000 watt spotlight!


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