Gone are the days when the idea of women’s outerwear drags up thoughts of drab dark colors washed out in the dank cold of the winter seasons. Southern Fried Chics is redesigning women’s outerwear with our exceptional sense of trendy southern charm with a healthy dose of sass. And now you get a chance to choose outerwear- like coats, jackets, dusters, blazers, sweaters, hoodies, and everything in between-  that will bring out your inner style for any occasion, not just for cold weather but all year through!
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We’ve given layering a hot makeover!

Your outerwear is the 1st part of your style statement that others see, so don’t be satisfied with just any coat, jacket, vest, duster, sweater, or hoodie. Make sure that the women’s outerwear that you’re wearing works with your statement by carefully selecting the perfect piece.

Southern Fried Chics understands the importance of outerwear and has gone above and beyond in providing you with all the trendy, sassy options you’ve gotten used to getting from us.  

Perfect for all seasons, Southern Fried Chics’ jackets aren’t only for the winter months. These fun and trendy designs work with all sorts of occasions and every sort of style. Whether it’s for completing your look at work, getting coffee out with your BFF, or for a light bite out with your newest love interest, these jackets are sure to make a statement.

Denim jackets are those closet staples that go with everything. Keep it casual by going with a lighter to medium wash and looser fit. Or dress it up with a fit that’s closer to your body. If you want to keep your denim jacket nice and versatile, go for a darker wash and you’ll be able to bring your denim jacket with you wherever you go.

Sleek and fitted with a bit of edge, biker jackets are incredibly versatile. Choose from laidback cool to ultra chic through strategic pairing of tops and bottoms, and you’ll have the exact look you’re going for.

Looking for ideas on how to stay warm? SFC’s women’s coats will fill your imagination as you start picturing yourself wearing coats from faux fur to leopard prints. Whether you're dressing for a casual day out sightseeing or a chilly night cozying up with someone special, keep warm while trendy with one of our timelessly fashionable women’s coats.

Stop stealing your boyfriend’s hoodie! Comfy yet versatile, SFC’s women’s hoodies are designed for your more feminine shape, so it’s possible to be fashion-forward without giving up the comfort you’re craving. Perfect for those what-to-wear days, grab the hoodie that’ll make your style today.

Don't sweat it! Cozy yet trendy, Southern Fried Chics’ sweaters offer a sweet selection of necklines and knits that will easily match whatever look you’re going for. Whether you’re dressing down with your favorite pair of jeans or dressing up with a stylish sweeping skirt and boots, we’ve got you covered.

Want to look blazing hot but don’t have time to make a fashion change between work and dinner out with your gal pals? Use one of Southern Fried Chics’ blazers to pull together a look that will work throughout your day.

Perfect for making that transition from the warm summer days to the cold winter months, vests provide that trendy touch that you’re sure to fall in love with. One of SFC’s women’s vests can turn an ordinary outfit into a headturner!

You’ve been warmed! SFC’s women’s pullovers are the ultimate layering option when you want to feel comfy and cozy but don’t want to sacrifice that look you’ve spent time crafting.  

Worthy of being your next fashion obsession, we just may have left the best for last! Southern Fried Chics’ dusters are true works of art. From sequins, glamour, and shine to simple draping elegance, you have your pick of styles to craft that sweeping, dramatic statement that will turn heads and leave lasting impressions!


How to Measure for Women’s Outerwear

When you’re choosing the perfect outerwear piece, you want to know it’s going to fit you just right to look your best. Remember that you’ll want to keep it a bit loose and flowing, especially the dusters, long flowing blazers, and any other outerwear whose look intends for it to be loose-fitting or roomy. With these tips, you’ll be able to find the right size with ease.


To measure your shoulders, take the tape measure and measure across your back from 1 shoulder to the other- the measurement is edge to edge.  


For the bust measurement, you put 1 end of the tape measure on the fullest part of your bust, then wrap it around yourself. Make sure that the tape measure is going around your shoulder blades and under your armpits.


Circle your natural waistline- the area above your belly button but below your rib cage, using the measuring tape as though it were a belt.

To make it a little easier to figure out where to measure, bend slightly to the side. A small crease will probably form- that’s where your natural waistline is.


Stand with your feet together and measure across the fullest part of your hips, usually at the top of your legs. Grab the measuring tape & hold 1 end on the front of 1 of your hips, then wrap it around yourself. 


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