Southern Fried Chics- COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement 

We’ve Got Your Back

At Southern Fried Chics, we just want to let you know that we’re here for you, taking care of business, with the loving kick-butt sass you know you can count on.

Not just now with Covid-19, but since the very beginning, you are at the heart of what makes Southern Fried Chics rock.

And now with Covid affecting so many of our customers, we wanted to take a minute to let you know how we’re changing things and doing what we can to protect the health and safety of you and our employees - 

Because the people of SFC have always been our #1 concern.

Looking After Our Customers

We are doing absolutely everything we physically can to ensure that your orders get to you just as fast as they possibly can. 

And we know that you, our wonderful Chics, will understand that there may be some delays sometimes, especially when it comes to our handcrafted or customized designs and specialty boutique items.

Looking After Our Employees

Staying connected! ♡ We love talking with you- so we are working hard to keep our channels of communication open, keeping conversations going, checking in and being there for one another and for you. 

Social Distancing and Safety

We are following all up-to-date guidelines in our attempts to keep our employees safe and healthy while continuing to provide you with support & inspiration 24/7 through Facebook, our website, and our other social channels.

Shipping Updates

We are currently experiencing some delays due to shipping carriers. This is especially true when the items have to pass through or are destined for an area impacted by government restrictions. 

Know that the wellbeing of you, our customers, is the topmost priority for us and all precautions are being taken to keep you safe.

Together we’ll get through this