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How to find the best clothing for your body type? 
Bodies come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, and every one of them is beautiful. Some of us are curvier, some of us are smaller- we’re all a little different in 1 way or another. 

But when it comes to shopping, it helps to know some of the broad categories that our body types may fall into.

Most women, regardless of shape or size, are unsure of how to find the best clothing to match their body type. (A lot of us aren’t even entirely sure of what our body type is.)

A lot of lists will only give you 4, maybe 5, body types, but as women we know that there are way more body types than that, so I’m including 10. Even with more than double the options, remember that there is a lot of variety in each type because categorizing body types can’t be an exacting science.

This is actually good news because it means that when you discover that you have features that fit into more than 1 body type, you may have better luck with the clothing suggestions for both of those body types, & the more types of clothes we can wear, the more fun!

Based on your shape, use this guide to help you find the styles that will help you feel your best.

A plus size woman whose hips and shoulders are about the same width and whose hips or bust measures about the same as her waist, fits the rectangle body type, sometimes referred to as the straight or banana type.
Clothing suggestions- Brings out those curves with off-the-shoulder tops, ruffled tops, high-waisted pants, tube dresses, belted waists (waist-cinching belts)

A full-figured woman whose shoulders and bust (upper body) are narrower than her full hips and thighs, probably with slim arms and a fairly well-defined waist that slopes out to her hips, has the triangle body type, sometimes called the pear type.
Clothing suggestions- Show off that waistline with eye-catching necklines that draw attention upward, like turtlenecks or jackets with something extra

Similar to the Triangle body type, the full-figured woman whose hips are larger than her bust or the rest of her body and may have a “shelf”-like appearance, with a defined waist and possibly some weight in her upper arms and upper thighs fits into the spoon body type.
Clothing suggestions- Show off that waistline with dresses that have classic “baby doll” cuts and items that have empire waists.

Inverted Triangle-
A curvy woman with a prominent, curvier upper body (shoulders and full bust) larger than her comparatively narrow hips, thighs, and legs has the inverted triangle body type, also referred to as the full-bust or “apple” shape.
Clothing suggestions- Bring attention to your beautiful lower half too with clothing that shows off your legs like full skirts or flared pants, tops with shaping around the waist and more open necklines, patterns, use colorblocking for balance

A plus size woman whose bust is larger than the rest of her body, whose hips are narrow, and whose midsection is fuller, has the round body type, sometimes also referred to as the oval body type.
Clothing suggestions- tops that flare at the top, clothing with vertical details

A full-figured woman with a fuller waistline, a narrow bust, and broader hips than shoulders, often with slender arms and a little more weight in her upper legs, has the diamond body shape.
Clothing suggestions- Flowy off-the-shoulder or boat-neck tops 

A curvy woman with a balanced frame - bust and hips that are about equal in size and a well-defined waist that’s narrower than both, with legs and upper body that are considered proportionate, shoulders that are slightly rounded, and buttocks that are rounded - has the hourglass body type.
Clothing suggestions- Focus on that balance- the waist! Use form-fitting or tailored clothing, wrap dresses, and tops featuring ties or belts 

Top Hourglass-
A curvy woman who has the general hourglass shape but whose bust measurements are slightly larger than her hips fits the top hourglass body type
Clothing suggestions- boot cut or slightly flared pants, full or A-line skirts, tailored jackets

Bottom Hourglass-
A curvy woman with the general hourglass body type whose hip measurements are slightly larger than her bust.
Clothing suggestions- form-fitting knits and dresses

A plus size woman who is muscular but not particularly curvy, whose waist is narrower than her hips and shoulders but isn’t overly-defined and looks mostly straight up and down, and whose hip and shoulder measurements are about the same, has the athletic body type.
Clothing suggestions- halter, strapless, and racerback styles.

So now that you know the different body types, maybe you’re ready to go and find that perfect plus size dress, summer dress, or sundress to fit your wardrobe.
But maybe you didn’t feel like you really found your soulmate body type in the list. If so, we’re here to help :)

1st, keep in mind that every body is different- we’re all unique- that’s part of what makes us beautiful. Which means that it’s possible for you to fit into 1 primary category and 1 maybe even 2 secondary categories- don’t worry- it just means you get to have more fun when you go shopping!

To help take out some of the guesswork, you can always take your measurements and use those figures to help you figure out which of the body types you fall into (they’re really helpful when you’re clothes shopping too).

How to Take Your Measurements
Working from top to bottom, here’s how to successfully and accurately take your measurements:

This 1 is a bit difficult, so you should get some help from someone you trust for this one. Ask them to measure across your back from 1 shoulder to the other- the measurement is edge to edge. 
The rest of the measurements you can do yourself, but personally my sister and I usually help each other out with all of them.

For the bust measurement, you put 1 end of the tape measure on the fullest part of your bust, then wrap it around yourself. Make sure that the tape measure is going around your shoulder blades and under your armpits.

This is frequently considered the trickiest measurement because people aren’t entirely sure of where to measure, but I’m absolutely sure you’ll be able to figure it out. You want to use the tape measure to circle your natural waistline- it’s the area above your belly button but below your rib cage. Kind of think of the measuring tape as though it were a belt.
To make it a little easier to figure out where to measure, bend slightly to the side. A small crease will probably form- that’s where your natural waistline is.

To get an accurate measurement on this one, you need to make sure that the tape measure is going over the largest part of your buttocks. You’re going to grab the measuring tape and hold 1 end on the front of 1 of your hips, then wrap it around yourself. 

And that’s it! You’ve got the measurements you need to help determine which of the body types you click with :)


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