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Most people think we sell women’s clothes, but I want to tell you a secret. We only do that on the outside.

See, we work really hard creating trendy, beautiful, Southern charm women’s clothes with a bohemian twist just to keep the world thinking that’s what we do.

But it’s not true. It’s a front. 

The members of our Chics family know the truth.

For our insiders, we provide something completely different.


Our Love Story to Our Chics

 Liz Ross - Owner of Southern Fried Chics

Hi. I’m Liz Ross and I’m the founder of Southern Fried Chics. 

You may have heard about me from 1 of the articles in some of the magazines I’ve been featured in or when I was on the Today Show.

But my true home is Southern Fried Chics.

This is where I’m able to share the real me with you and the rest of my Chics.

We’re not a large team, but we make up for our size with spunk, and if you’ve ever met a Southern gal, you know we have lots of heart! 💖 

Heart- that’s what sets us apart from the other women’s clothing stores you may have come across.

I could say that it’s the style you’ll find here- the unique blend of trendy southern charm and sassy forward fashion that you won’t find anywhere else, with just a pinch of boho. And it’s true- you won’t find our style and quality anywhere else.

But even more important is how we bring our customers into our family.

Because we don’t just say we consider you a part of our Chics family.

We honestly consider you one of us.

We truthfully love you.

We stay up nights thinking about how to better serve you. How to better meet your needs. 

When others are having team meetings, we have special meetings just talking about how to give you the kind of experience you deserve. 

Heart- that’s what our mission is built on.

Because we love you, we see the real you.

And You - Are - Beautiful.

Just the way you are.

You don’t have to change.

And we want you to know that.

That’s part of why we create the clothes we create and select the clothing we select.

Because we want you to be comfortable wearing it.

See, every single woman looks different from every single other woman.

And no woman should ever feel bad about that.

We want you to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.

Our main goal is to make you feel like your inner beautiful woman is shining through. 

Because a woman who exudes confidence is the strongest thing in the world.

Lacey, Taylor, & Liz

Heart- that’s what we’re really all about here.

We love making our women’s clothing- it lets us achieve our purpose.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Let me begin with the beginning. 

If it’s alright with you, I’d like to take you through my story.

See, when I was little, things were rough. We didn’t have a lot of money. And we lived where things were not as advanced as most people expect them to be. My family did the best we could, but we struggled.

I did well in school, in some areas. I excelled when it came to anything artistic, and I was put in the gifted classes, but when it came to anything that required me to stick to a routine, I didn’t quite see the point.

But even back then I was blessed with some amazing women in my life. My grandmother may not have had running water, but she took time to spend with me and taught me how to hand sew- it was a heart pillow. I think that may be part of why hearts are so important to me.

From there, I learned a love of crafting and I started learning about goals and entrepreneurialism. I started selling beaded bracelets at school, and then handmade dreamcatchers at the flea market.

Things were still rough sometimes, and I still had a lot of lessons to learn, but I had caught sight of a vision.

What really turned things around for me was when I had my daughter- that’s when I really realized that it was time to make a change. To take a stand and decide just how I wanted to live my life. 

Liz & her daughter

I created a very successful children’s clothing company- maybe you heard of it? Chatti Patti.

I loved Chatti Patti when my daughter was young and she was my clothing model, but as she grew too old to be a real part of my creation process, I realized it was becoming only a means to an end. It put food on the table, but that was it.

I was losing my passion.

I felt trapped. 

Maybe you’ve felt like I did?

Maybe you do now?

Have you ever had something you loved, but then over time it became something that didn’t speak to you anymore? 

But you felt like you still had to keep it in your life for whatever reason? Maybe it was even a good reason, but it still didn’t feel completely right?

I needed something new to feel excited about again, something for me, something that would allow me to feel creative and get those creative juices flowing again like they hadn’t in years.

So I started finding and selling some select clothes and jewelry and some accessories- it started out with just wearing them out and around & getting asked where I’d found them, then I started posting them on social media, and then I started letting people come to my house to see them. 

Then I did a Southern Christmas show for my Chatti Patti and wound up selling more women’s clothes than I did children’s clothes! I was shocked!!

I decided to open up a small store with a small room in back, just to kind of play around with seeing how things would go, not really expecting too much, but feeling that need to let my passion lead wherever it would go.

Within a week I was already overwhelmed- it was amazing!

I knew this was where I was being led.

That leads me to today.

What started as a hobby when I needed to find a new passion, a new way to find and let out my creativity, has become my life.

But it’s become more than that.

It’s become my drive to find my tribe- my Chics.

And to make sure that you, my Chics, know that you are loved.

And You - Are - Beautiful.


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