Let your fingers do the talking when you pick from gorgeous rings that create your fabulous fashion-forward statement. Southern Fried Chics gives you a jewelry assortment to perfectly complement your wardrobe!

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Women, now’s your time! You have the power- Show it!!

Jewelry has been worn throughout history as symbols of power, sending intentional messages to others about the wearer. But, it was mostly men who wore the jewelry - “obviously crowns were part of signals that were being sent by people of rank” (Madeleine Albright). 

Well, it’s our time now! Women, it’s time to let our inner power shine! So find the rings that speak to you and wear them with pride!!

Jewelry is the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit- Michael Kors

Statement rings are perfect for those looking for fashion with big personality. Make sure you’re creating the statement you desire by selecting from only the best. When what your rings say about you is so significant that it requires a lot of thought, ensure it’s in line with who you are by checking out the unique and creative selection SFC offers.

I only wear jewelry on days ending in y

Rings go with everything- 

T-shirt and leggings or ripped jeans, oversized flannel with boots- serious chic? Check

Professional outfits- blouse and midi-skirt, that need some extra shine and personality? Check

Comfy and casual loungewear, but you still want it to feel like you? Check

Floral dress that feels a little flat? Check

Cocktail dress with wedges that needs something to pull it together? Check

Party wear that needs more flash? Check

Romper with blazer that needs more zing? Check

Get your sparkle on

Women used to think that they could only wear 1 ring and that was it, but we’ve finally realized how limiting this is. Now, we’re only as limited as our statement makes us- so feel free to stack multiple rings to create the trendy look that you choose!

Jewelry is our favorite art

Rings complete the picture. Could you imagine spending time crafting the perfect image with your favorite tee, booties, and blazer and then forgetting to put your flare pants on? No!!! Gonna walk around with the perfect off-the-shoulder top and party wedges, but skip the maxi-skirt? Not a chance! Then you can’t forget to put on the finishing touch with the perfect accessories either. 

Jewelry is like a biography- a story that tells the many chapters of your life

It’s not just important to personalize your clothes- show who you are with everything you wear! Your rings tell a story about you. They tell people about who you are, where you’ve been, what you love, and who you’re becoming. They show that part of you that deserves to be displayed to the world.

Jewelry is forever

How to measure for rings:

There are lots of different methods for measuring for rings.

Whether it’s for you or a gift for someone else, you can bring in a ring that you know currently fits- just be sure that it fits the finger you’re intending the new ring to go on.

Or if you can’t bring in a current ring, use that ring to create a quick measurement- either with a ruler, or trace the inside on a piece of paper, or even do a quick impression on a bar of soap (just make sure to clean the ring afterwards so it doesn’t make her finger itchy).

Then use a ring sizing chart.

Or skip all of that & do it the easy way by purchasing an adjustable ring!


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