Something New Dress
Something New Dress
Something New Dress

Something New Dress

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Something about the simplicity of a white dress. This dress is absolutely stunning! It has a thick crochet material under the bust and the bottom is flowy and has a ruffle. The straps are adjustable and this dress does zip up the back. It is lined for full coverage. This dress is designed by our owner, Liz, and part of the SFC Collection. It would look great if you are a soon-to-be bride for your bridal events! 

Measurements: True to size.
XS: 28" Bust, 35" Length
S: 30" Bust, 35.5" Length
M: 32" Bust, 36" Length
L: 34" Bust, 36.5" Length
XL: 36" Bust, 37" Length
2XL: 38" Bust, 37.5" Length
3XL: 40" Bust, 38" Length
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