Cosmic Cowgirl Sequin Flare Pants-Southern Fried Chics

Cosmic Cowgirl Sequin Flare Pants

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SO FLASHY! These pants are a part of our NEW CMA Collection and will be Limited Edition. The flares are made with the mermaid sequins that are apart of the Cosmic Cowgirl Collection. These are specialty items and will sell out fast! Spice up your graphic tees with these flares! This is designed by our owner, Liz! View the universe in the Cosmic Cowgirl Sequin Flare Pants!

Measurements: True to size.
XS: 26" Waist, 33" Inseam
S: 28" Waist, 33" Inseam
M: 30" Waist, 33" Inseam
L: 32" Waist, 33" Inseam
XL: 34" Waist, 33" Inseam
XXL: 36" Waist, 33" Inseam
XXXL: 38" Waist, 33" Inseam

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