Step out in style with women’s shoes from Southern Fried Chics. No matter which trend of women’s footwear you’re searching for, we have them all! Find the right pair of shoes that suit your lifestyle and complete your statement to match your own unique style.

A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes

Design a wardrobe that’s the envy of trend-setters everywhere starting from the bottom up by hand selecting from Southern Fried Chics’ sassy forward fashion women’s shoe styles. 

Classic, elegant, crisp, versatile, fun, or functional, our on-trend designs have the generous selection of women’s shoes you’ve been looking for. You can add some interest to your weekend outfit or have fun adding to your closet candy. It’s all about you getting to choose what will work for your own unique sense of fashion. And with SFC’s wide range of unique styles, it's easy to find something to fit every personality.

So many shoes, but only 2 feet!

We offer a wide range of women’s shoes including:

Sandals- Looking for the perfect shoes to match your cute new party dress? Look no further than this breathable footwear. Traditionally known for warmer weather, women’s sandals look great much further into the year. And they come in such a great range of colors, designs, and decor for every taste.

Sneakers- The all-occasion shoe, Southern Fried Chics’ women’s sneakers are no longer confined to tees and jeans (although they look great with those too). Our sneakers look great wherever you want to bring a little sass and personality to the party!

Wedges-  Show off that great pedicure! Improve your vantage point with super trendy and super comfy wedges that will let you feel more grounded while keeping your head in the clouds. 

I make shoe contact before eye contact

In addition to women’s shoes, we carry all sorts of other women’s fashion accessories and apparel. Explore your fashion sense with ease by checking out some of our favorite women’s shoes mash-ups in our SFC women’s tees, women’s tops, and women’s dresses collections.

Clothes may make the woman, but shoes make the outfit. Dressed up or dressed down, it’s the shoes that complete the look. So make sure that the look you’re creating is the one that matches the statement you want to make by selecting from Southern Fried Chics’ women’s shoes collection.

How to Measure Your Feet for the Perfect Fit

Follow these simple steps to make sure you get the right size and fit in our Southern Fried Chics’ footwear.

  1. Gather Your Materials. You’ll need a pen, a piece of paper, a ruler, and your own foot.
  2. Trace Your Foot. Simply step on the paper while wearing a pair of socks (this is important if you’ll be wearing socks when wearing the footwear). Trace the outside of your foot. (Don’t get ink on your socks, especially if they’re white!)
  3. Measure the Length of Your Foot. Using the paper outline of your foot and your ruler, measure the length of your paper foot from your longest toe to your heel.
  4. Measure the Width of Your Foot. Using the paper outline of your foot and your ruler, measure the width of your foot by finding and measuring the widest part of the paper foot outline.
  5. Find Your Perfect Footwear. Bask in the ahhh-level comfort of your new favorite pair of Southern Fried Chics’ footwear :-)


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