Cosmic Cowgirl Duster
Cosmic Cowgirl Duster

Cosmic Cowgirl Duster

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WOW! This piece is a part of our NEW CMA Collection and will be Limited Edition. This beautiful duster is part of our Cosmic Cowgirl Sequins. This is a specialty item for all of our Flashy Cowgirls! You will turn heads in this gorgeous mermaid sequin duster! It is a fantastic layering piece! You can dress this down with one of our Graphic Tees! This is designed by our owner, Liz! View the universe in the Cosmic Cowgirl Duster!

Measurements: True to size.
XS: 0-2 (Dress Size)
S: 2-4 (Dress Size)
M: 6-8 (Dress Size)
L: 10-12 (Dress Size)
XL: 12-14 (Dress Size)
XXL: 16-18 (Dress Size)
XXXL: 18-20 (Dress Size)

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