crystal necklace gold
Shine So Bright Iridescent Oval Crystal Be... $32.99
Crystal Necklace in Gold This beaded crystal necklace is just the thing if you can't decide on a color. Why not show off every one? With this kind of iridescence, folks might have to avert their eyes, but they won't want to!
crystal necklace for women womens turquoise necklace
Shine So Bright Iridescent Oval Gold Cryst... $32.99
Amazing Gold & Turquoise Crystal Necklace Our gold and turquoise crystal necklace is going to make your eyes pop no matter their color. And, it might just make other folks eyes pop too — right out of their faces when they see how bright you sine!
natural stone pendant necklace womens natural stone pendant
Color Crush Natural Stone Pendant Beaded N... $34.99
Natural Stone Pendant Necklace Each one of these natural stone pendant necklaces is unique — just like you! The patterns are wonderful and this will be the accessory you'll want to flaunt everywhere.
red white blue beaded necklace womens patriotic beaded necklace
Double Wrapped Patriotic Beaded Necklace $19.99
Red, White, and Blue Beaded Necklace This 60" red, white, and blue beaded necklace is the perfect accessory to show off how much you love your country. Double-wrap it and get ready for fireworks!
blue natural stone necklace blue natural stone pendant
Under The Sea Ocean Blue Stone Pendant $26.99
Blue Natural Stone Pendant We're not saying this blue natural stone pendant will lead you to a beach party, but we're not not saying it will. Each of these beautiful blue cut stones has a unique pattern.
Cowhide Oval Pendant Gold Necklace Cowhide Oval Pendant Gold Necklace
Cowhide Oval Pendant Gold Necklace $24.99
Cowhide Necklace with Gold Chain This gold cowhide necklace with a gold chain won't cure lactose intolerance, but it will certainly look amazing against anything denim! It's more country than a cowgirl hat!
red tassel necklace womens tassel necklace red
Good Times Red Tassel Mixed with Tan Lines... $32.99
Blue, White, and Red Tassel Necklace This red tassel necklace with show your patriotism and keep the girls dusted! This accessory will go great with that low-cut number you were planning to wear to the Independence Day cookout!
cross necklace red womens cross necklace
Red Beaded Necklace With Silver & Copper C... $29.99
Cross Necklace with Red Stone Beads Our cross necklace with red stone beads is as at home at the club as it is on the pew! You can tell your pastor that it's not quite a rosary!
Southern Charm Oval Turquoise Silver Earrings
Southern Charm Oval Turquoise Silver Earrings $19.99
Turquoise Earrings These turquoise earrings in silver will look great with your new do! Pair this pair with a sassy T or something more fun and dressy.
Silver medallion black tassel earrings Cowgirl Turquoise Black Tassels Earrings
Cowgirl Turquoise Black Tassels Earrings $24.99
Black Tassel Earrings with Silver Turquoise Medallion Tassel earring are all the rage, but these beauties are the belle of the ball! Silver medallion with a turquoise stone center finished of with flirty black tassels, these will be your go-to tassel earrings!
Cowhide fringe earrings. Turquoise stone and cowhide tassel earrings.
Rodeo Sweetheart Turquoise Cowhide Fringe ... $24.99
Turquoise Stone Concho Cowhide Tassel Earrings These fringe earrings are the stuff of a country western song! With brown cowhide tassels and and beautiful turquoise stone flowers, these beauties add a little cowgirl chic to any outfit!
Raw turquoise stone earrings with white cowhide fringe. Let's Go Girls Turquoise White Cowhide Fringe Earrings
Let's Go Girls Turquoise White Cowhide Fri... $24.99
Raw Turquoise Stone Earrings with Cowhide Fringe Nothin' says "Let's go girls" like a chunk of beautiful turquoise and cowhide tassel earrings! These earring shave so much texture, you'll want to wear them with everything!
concho tassel earring with turquoise stone. Pink and tan concho tassel earrings with turquoise stone.
Cowgirl Turquoise Concho with Pink and Tan... $24.99
Turquoise Stone Concho with Pink and Tan Tassel Earrings  These concho tassel earring will be your new spirit animal! Gorgeous silver concho features and turquoise stone in the center followed by flirty pink and tan tassels! 
Red white and blue tassel earrings.
Red White and Blue Tassel Earrings $18.99
American Flag Star Tassel Earrings Shake your tassels this fourth of July with our American flag inspired tassel earrings! With a sparkling rhinestone star and ALL the red white and blue, you can display your love of country any month of the year!
Copper Stone Turquoise Teardrop Rectangle Earrings
Copper Stone Turquoise Teardrop Rectangle ... $19.99
Copper Statement Earrings with Turquoise Stones This statement earrings are a turquoise lovers dream! Hammered copper gives a rustic look offset with beautiful turquoise stones throughout. Every girl know turquoise goes with everything!


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