From long workdays, casual weekdays, and party nights out with the girls, to romantic getaways with that special someone, Southern Fried Chics has the perfect pair of earrings to accentuate your outfit and your mood. 

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Earrings are an absolutely fundamental cornerstone for any woman’s wardrobe- they are 1 of the 1st things people often notice because they are so close to a woman’s face. So when you’re purchasing earrings, make sure you’re considering which ones will help to complete the statement you’re crafting.

Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed- Jennifer Lopez

Elegant with just the right amount of cool, earrings never go out of style. And they go with every outfit- from the perfect jeans and simple white tee to the dressiest formal or bridal attire. 

Earrings give you that chance to add a little something extra to an outfit- that little extra sparkle... some extra shine... that extra touch that will craft a look that gets noticed. 

Jewelry is like the perfect spice- it always complements what’s already there -  Diane von Furstenberg

You are more important than anything you wear, so let what you wear match the woman you are on the inside. Your look should accurately represent the person you truly are. Take a moment and make sure that the designs you’re selecting best complement your style. And a big part of that is the finishing touches- your jewelry, which most definitely includes your earrings.

You can always tell what kind of person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you - Audrey Hepburn

From everyday styles to statement pieces, earrings are made to match the woman. From small to medium-sized womens earrings when you’re feeling casual classic or when you’re at work, to larger designs when you’re feeling more playful or glamorous, SFC has you covered. We even specialize in statement pieces when you’re ready to really stand out- they’re perfect for your night-out look, and they can easily level up your favorite casual outfit too. 

Wearing jewels is a way to express the woman you are… without saying a word

Not all earrings are created equal, not when it comes to what will help you look your best. Because they’re so close to your face but not actually on your face, different earrings can complement face shapes, helping to draw out your own natural beauty.

How to select earrings that will best complement your face shape- 

*Remember that these are only guidelines- the most important thing is that you’re wearing what makes you feel your best! As long as you feel good, you’ll look good :)

  • - Hoops- This classic style with the ability to pull off dramatic effect will continue to endure passing trends. Sizes range from large to small - tighter hoops are considered more subtle, while larger hoops can create a majorly dramatic look. This design looks great on faces with a more square shape.
  • - Studs- Simple yet perfect for every occasion, these may be the most popular earring style because it’s hard to go wrong with a stud. They’re generally small and lay snugly on top of the earlobe. This design looks great on faces with either square or narrow shapes.
  • - Dangles & Drops- Give your outfit the “Wow!” factor! These versatile earrings can range from stylishly casual subtle styles to longer more elegant looks for more formal occasions. Elegant and sophisticated, dangle earrings and drop earrings work for round, heart, oval, and diamond face shapes.
  • - Huggie- These earrings tend to be far more subtle than the other options, but they’re ideal for people who are active yet want some extra sparkle because they hug to the ear. Because they curve to the ear, they work for all 6 of the common face shapes (round, oval, square, narrow, diamond, heart).

Proper care of New Ear Piercings-

We want you to LOVE wearing our SFC women’s earrings, and the 1st step to that is…. getting your ears pierced, so we’re including these tips for safely taking care of newly pierced ears, just in case you or a loved one is new to this fun and fashion-opening experience :)

Many of the problems people have after piercing their ears occur because they don’t take proper care of their new ear piercing. For proper healing and satisfaction with your newly pierced ears, follow these easy cleaning instructions:

  • - Do not remove earrings before the specified time. New earlobe piercings should usually be kept in for 4 to 6 weeks to allow the hole to heal without closing- then you can switch to a new pair.
  • - Wearing earrings continuously for the 1st 6 months is required to keep the piercing from closing (you can switch pairs, but always keep a pair in).
  • - Cleanse the piercing twice a day with clean cotton swabs & a sterile saline solution used for wound care. Push the earring gently forward and backward, swabbing between your ear and the earring.
  • - Be sure to cleanse especially after shampooing, swimming, or exercising.
  • - Always wash your hands prior to touching your ears.
  • - Rotate the earring twice daily to prevent scar tissue from adhering to the earring.
  • - Avoid touching your ears except when cleaning.
  • - Cover your ears when using hair spray or perfume.
  • - Check daily to ensure your earring backs are securely in place.
  • - Make sure the safety clutch is securely locked in place so the earring does not fall out of the ear lobe.
  • - Return for a free follow up visit in 4 weeks - or sooner if you have any questions or concerns.
  • - Be careful that earrings don't get caught when brushing your hair or pulling clothes over your head. Take extra care when exercising or playing sports.
  • - When you’re ready to get a new pair, check out SFC’s earrings so you’re ready for your next pair of the hottest trends out there!

You sparkle the most when you are you

SFC’s earrings are anything but ordinary, and neither are you. We’ve got you covered with all the fashion-forward women’s earring trends you can imagine, from elegant looks to cutting-edge designs. We’ll provide the best in women’s earrings; you provide the inner sparkle that will make the outfit shine!


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